Our Story

Our business has grown from a London market stall in 1980, through temporary shops, to a chain of shops across the UK and Eire.  We are a values driven business and those values remain as essential to Evolution now as they were 30 or so years ago.

Our main aim is to make profit to give to the charity that owns Evolution, the Windhorse Trust.  How we do this is essential to us and our values underpin our other aim to consider the ethical and environmental implications of all our business activities.

We believe it is possible to pay our suppliers a fair price for their goods and to make sure that they have safe working conditions. We also believe that it is possible to offer our customers an honest price without loading on a premium because our goods are ethically traded.  

We are a Buddhist business and the teachings of the Buddha are the source of our values and ethics.  This means that all our business decisions are guided by the teachings on kindness, generosity and honesty. Most of us in the Cambridge headquarters and a few of our shop teams are Buddhist, but our business now reflects an amazing range of religious and cultural diversity. We believe that we all have the capacity to be generous, to be kind and to make a difference to the lives of other people through our working together.

All our profit not re-invested in the business, goes to the Windhorse Trust.  The Trust distributes the money to a variety of Buddhist projects within the Triratna Buddhist Community, as well as to social projects closely connected with countries and companies that supply our goods.

We have a sincere belief that even on the High Street we can do business in an open and honest way.  We can’t claim to be perfect but we are willing to engage and learn in living out our values in a way that makes a real difference to other peoples lives.

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