Our Ethics

Trading and operating ethically are at the heart of Evolution. We are a Buddhist business, which means that all our business decisions are guided by the Buddha’s teachings on kindness, generosity and honesty.

Our Products

We aim to bring genuine benefits to the people making our goods through our ethical trade with them, and through direct aid.

When sourcing products to sell to you, we have certain principles we keep to.

We aim to –

  • Pay a fair price to our suppliers, based on local standards.
  • Build personal connections. We have many longstanding relationships with our suppliers.
  • Check for fair wages and working conditions. A minority of our products are bought from unchecked suppliers; however, once we establish a trading relationship, our suppliers are independently checked against clear ethical standards.  We pay for independent inspections of the work places where our goods are made.
  • Be mindful of environmental issues, especially sourcing wood from sustainable sources.
  • Respond to local needs by passing back some of our profits to aid the communities where our goods are made.
  • Buy goods that support the continuation of traditional crafts and ways of living.
  • Follow the Buddhas’ teaching on compassion for all living beings we never sell goods that contain animal products.

Our Charity

Any profits not re-invested in the business, go to The Windhorse Trust (Reg: charity no: 1098979).  The trust then gives these funds to the  projects we support.

The Trust makes donations to social projects we support. These are usually connected with the suppliers that make our goods or are suggested to us because we have a longstanding relationship with the people involved. Over the years we have donated to many projects in areas that are poor by Western standards. These are some of our most significant donations;



Since 2007, with our supplier, we have been funding a project for disabled people in Bali. The project provides a minibus to take children and adults to their centre, where they have lessons including craft making, yoga. We have also donated funds to build another day centre in the district of Bangli, which was entirely paid for by us.
To learn more about this amazing project, visit; www.kupukupufoundation.org




Since 2005, in partnership with our supplier, we have helped fund three schools. Our help has enabled local communities to build safe, permanent school buildings. This has led to an increase in the number of pupils able to attend school and provided a facility for the whole community.



We have donated over £12,000 to the Ban Rom Sai Orphanage to date.The orphanage is in northern Thailand, and provides a home to 30 children, including some who contracted HIV at birth. HIV still carries a heavy stigma in this part of the world and the home aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children, and help them find a skill they are good at and enjoy. To learn more, visit; www.banromsai.org



Green Tara Trust in Nepal

The Green Tara Trust is working to improve maternal healthcare in rural Nepal. Sadly, in this area many pregnant women and babies are adversely affected by a lack of the healthcare we in the West take for granted. In 2010 we gave money to this project to pay the wages of the three Nepalese health-workers for 10 months.To find out more about this vital project, visit;  www.greentaratrust.com


 The Windhorse Trust also gives money towards supporting the activities of the Triratna Buddhist Community, which was founded in 1967 with the aim of helping people in the West gain access to the Buddhas’ teaching. To learn more about the Triratna Buddhist Community, visit; www.thebuddhistcentre.com

Funds go towards the provision of urban Buddhist Centres and rural Retreat Centres.  These aim to make the teachings of the Buddha.  They also provide classes in yoga, tai chi, stress reduction and meditation for those not directly interested in Buddhism.


Our World

We don’t just stop at giving our profits away. For us, kindness and compassion extends to the planet we live on. We want to be realistic about our relationship with the environment, after all, running a business in the 21st Century is bound to have an impact. But we try to do what we can to minimise that – here are some of the practical things we do;

  • Stocks travel from supplying countries by sea, not air.
  • Raw materials (e.g. wood) are, where possible, derived from sustainable sources.
  • Many of our staff – especially at our Cambridge Head Office- lead simple, community based lifestyles. Community living lessens an individuals impact on the environment.
  • We support cycling over car use, with both a bike loan scheme and a car pool for occasional use by staff at Cambridge.
  • We attempt to minimise energy use in our warehouse & offices and we have taken advice from the Carbon Trust.   We use an electric supplier who uses renewable energy sources where possible.
  • We recycle packaging materials, use degradable bags in our retail outlets, and use recycled or sustainable materials wherever possible.

We would never claim to be “perfect”, but we do take our impact on the environment seriously and continue to look for ways to lessen the impact our business has on the world around us.

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